best feeling ever in the world

Someone Smiling because of you
The Best feeling ever

Keep smiling it rocks

Little keys open big locks
Simple words reflect great thoughts
Your smile can cure heart blocks
So keep on smiling it rocks

what smile can do for your body

“Smile” : It helps boost the immune system.The body relaxes and is better able to fight off the flu and colds


Behind every smile

“Behind every sweet smile, There is a bitter sadness that no one can ever see and feel……….. .”

Life is going fine

Smtymz its importnt 2make a fake smile
Not 4 d world 2know dat U r OK,
but 2confuse ur heart
Dat even wit so many wounds inside
Lyf is going fine…
Gm Tc


Every One See

Every One See
Who U Appear To Be
Only Few Know The
Real U,
They Can Only See
What U choose To Show ,
There’s So Much Behind
This Smile
U – JUST- DON’T- KNOW . . . =/

The Most Beautiful Thing

The Most Beautiful Thing In This World

Is To See Your Parents Smiling & The Next Best Thing

Is To Know That You Are The Reason Behind That Smile-:-)

Smile to old

Smile to old
means respect

Smile to child
means innocence

Smile to friend
means care

Smile in front of mobile means “chakkar koi or ey”;)

Today I caught myself

Today I caught myself smiling for no reason…


Then I realized I was thinking of you. :)

With Love,

A Smile Is a Curve

A Smile :) Is a Curve

Dat Sets Everything Straight

& Wipes Da Wrinkles Away

Hope U Share & Receive

a Lot Of Smile Tomorrow

Here’s 1 From M3 ;)