When I text someone

When I text someone and they dont text me back, I automatically assume that they fainted of excitement. ;)

Why Boys Never Text first

You Know Why Boys Never Text You First?

It’s Because When They Were Little
They Were Always

‘Ladies First’

Bus Conductor Drive

Bus Conductor & Driver Mai Kiya Difference Hai?

Ans: Condector So Jaye To Kisi Ka Ticket Nahi Katega


Driver So Gaya To Sab Ka Ticket Kat Jayega :-)


Mujhe Msg Karne Main

3 Jaga Mout Nahi Aati.

1- Jannat Me

2- Jahannum Me

3- Mujhe Msg Karne Main… =P

Try Kr K Dekh Lo… ;->

USA mn doctarz ke aik team

USA mn doctarz ke aik team ny research ki or akhir is natijay par ponchy k
MSG karny sy MOUT nhi ati. !

One day my brain asked

One day my brain asked me ‘Y R U SENDING MSGs
to that person who is not messaging u?

but my little ‘HEART’said to brain
‘U’NEED msgs but i need ‘FRIENDS’

mt pOoch sMs ki

mt pOoch sMs ki intEha kAhan tk hy,,

tOo knJusi kr ly tEri tAqt jAhan tk hy..

sMs ki umEed hmyn nhi tUj sy,,

hmyn tO dEkhna hy tOo knJus kAhan tk hy..!!

Kahan ho

Kahan ho?
Itne dino se SMS ki class se absnt ho?
Agr aaj MSGS SCHOOL me nhi aae tu aapka naam SMS class se kaat dia jaiga

Dont search for

Don’t search for a very good or unique msg 2 send me..

I’ll be happy with an empty msg of urs..

Bcoz more than the msg, seeing ur name makes me smile..!

Ghareeb samajh kar

Ghareeb samajh kar hamain sms karne chor diya us ne Gull ,

Kya ghareebon k mobailon me inbox nahi hota