dedicate mother sms to your mom

@MAA k NaaM
3 sal ki umr me hm kehty thy: ..AMMI AMMI AMMI”

10:sal ki umar me”AMMI Kahan hn Ap”

16:sal ki umr me”uf Ammi meri Itni Fikr Na kia kren”

20:sal ki umr me”mjy is ghar me nai rehna”

25:sal ki umar me”ammi ap Bohat Bolti Hai”

35:sal ki umr me”Ammi ya to ap ghr se nikal jao ya me chla jata hn”

50:sal ki umr me”me apna sb kuch lutanay ko tayar hun bs koi meri maa ko wapas le aay

MAA SIRF AIK HOTI HA.Uski zrort sbko hoti hy islye uski Qadar kro,

Forward karo agar smajhty ho k ap ki maa dunia ki sb se behtreen maa hy..?
I love u mAaaaa

receive the call of your Mother

No matter how much you’re earning but if you don’t have the time to receive the call of your Mother, You’re Poor..Very Poor Indeed…

8 Saala Bachy ki Maa Fout Ho Gai

*Jhooti Maa*

8 Saala Bachy ki Maa Fout Ho Gai, Us k Baap Ne Dosri Shaadi Kr Li,

1 Din Bap Ne us Se Poocha
Tumhe Pehle Wali Maa Or Nai Maa Me Kya Farq Laga?

Beta Masomiyat Se;
Pehli Wali Maa Jhoti Thi
Or Nai Wali Suchi

BaaP Herangi Se;
Beta Wo kesy?

Beta; Jb Main Pehle Masti Krta Tha To Maa kehti Thi K Agr Tu Mastiyon Se Baaz Na Aya To Tujhe Khana Nhi Doo’n Gi,
Main Phir B Masti krta Or Wo Mujhe Poory Gao’n Se Dhoond K Le Aati Or Khana Khilati

Lekin Ab,,,,
Jb Me Masti karta Hn To Nai Wali Maa Kehti Hy
Agr Masti Ki To Khana Nahi Dun Gi
Aaj 2 Din ho gaye Hain Mujhe Khana Nhi Diya….

Always respect your mother


Plz respect urs parents

Pencil:I’m sorry
Eraser:For what?
U didn’t do
anything wrong.
Pencil:I’m sorry,u get hurt
because of me.
Whenever I made a mistake,U R
always there to erase it,But as u make my mistake
u lose a part of urself & get
smaller and smaller each time
Eraser:That’s true, but I don’t
really mind,
u see,I was made to do this,I
was made to help u whenever u
do something wrong,even though
one day I
know I’ll be gone.
I’m actually happy with my job.
So please,stop worrying I hate
seeing u sad.
“Our Parents r like the eraser, where as we children r the
pencil.They r always there for their children, cleaning up their anything wrong..they hate to seen sad their children………
Plz respect urs parentsss.

Smiles of happy sunshine

Smiles of happy sunshine,
Arms of everlasting luv,
Touch of sweet roses,
There is magic in the air
Whenever ur there,
Mother, everything to U I owe,
May all pleasures of life come ur way.
“Happy Mother’s day”

Neend bahut ati he padte padte

Neend bahut ati he padte padte
Maa tu hoti to keh dete ki ek cup chai bana de

Thak gaye hain mess ki roti kha kha k
Maa tu hoti toh keh dete parate bana de

Wohi koshish roj khush rehne ki
Maa tu hoti to muskura lete

Bahut dur nikal aaye hai ghar se
Maa tere sapno ki parwah na hoti toh kab ka ghar chale jate

Aaye hai ghar se door
sirf yehi sochkar ki ma ko rakhna hai khush zarur

dedicatd 2 all my frnz who study away from home missing their sweet mom dad

Why Love is blind

Why Love is blind ?
Your Mom started love u before seeing ur
Face :)

Poem On Mother day

Growing up could not have been any better,
That’s because you worked so hard to provide us shelter.

Your decisions in life have always had our well-being as your priority,
They still do, even though we are almost thirty.

Where would I be without a mom like you?
With luck, probably in the zoo.

You are the best mom a son could ask for,
Because I am luckier than a kid in a candy store.

The hard work you have done in your life does not go unnoticed,
This is affirmation that I feel really blessed.

But it is time for you to sit back and enjoy life,
There is no need for all this strife.

That is because I promise this to you on Mother’s Day,
That I will be on your side until you are old and gray.

Child Thanks to Mom

Child Thanks to Mom:) – mom ♥

When you were 1yr, she fed you milk..You thanked her by crying all the night & kept her awake :|

When you were 10yrs, she got you a new ball..You thanked her by breaking neighbour’s window;)

When you were 15yrs, she took you & your friends for movie..You thanked her by asking to sit in a different row:/

When you are 25yrs, she’ll search whole world to find your best life patner..You may thank her by saying “I am in Love” ;)

When you are 40yrs, she may ask you to buy some medicines..plz dont thank her by saying “I am busy” :)

Dont forget she gave her blood as medicine for you…Love & Respect your Mom ♥:)

Moms Love Is The Best Love

‎| Mom’s Love Is The Best Love |


When cake slices are five and members are six in a family….


Then only mother says :