Dedicated to all students

Dedicated to all students..
Good Night..

Bhool gaye shehar se aa k parhnay walay..

Kis ki Maa ne kitna zever becha tha..

SuggestioN 4 U

SuggestioN 4 U.

Never say anything bad about urself

Ur frnds are enough to debate on this subject..!! :p

Hey i was planning

Hey i was planning 2 come 2 u but i dont have the thing causing motion due to circular motion of rubber shafted along the rod cable to track direction over the movement of pistons due to the action of carbon n hydrogen producing flames in a chamber end resulting in the irreversable reaction of energy and gas and causing the friction of rubber along the concrete pebbles

Aasan bhasha mai i dont have da car… :-DAaaL !s WeLL:-P;-)


We pronounce

We pronounce
21 as twenty one
31 as thirty one
41 as forty one
51 as fifty one
Y not 11 as onety one…?
Doubt by back bencher association..!

Hazaro Larkiyan Aati Hai

Hazaro Larkiyan Aati Hai.

Hazaro Jati Hai.

Hazaro Hasati Hai..

Hazaro Rulati Hai..

Lekin Mere Dost Sath Vohi Nibhati Hai..

Jo Nikah Mein Aati Hai..

Aur Galey Parh Jati Hai… =P ;->

BeautiFul Lines Written

BeautiFul Lines Written Outside PETROL PUMPS in China-




“Avoid GIRLFRIEND & Save Pertol”



Flashing ur smile to sum1 u dunt want to see.

Not finding a way to mend a broken heart.

Learnin’ dat u hv been used by sum1 U truly Luv.

Tryin’ to hide what u really feel.

Tryin 2 hide the tears dat voluntairly fall from ur eyes.

Controlin’ ur feelings to avoid hurting a friend.

Learnin’ to trust after u have been betrayed.

Smiling when all you want to do is Cry.

Convincing oneself dat u are not in Luv when u kn0w dat u are..

Waldain ki Faryaad Aulaad

Waldai’n ki Faryaad Aulaad k Naam

Jis Din Tum Humei’n Boorha Dekho

Sabr Krna
Humei’n Samajhney ki Koshish Krna

Jab Hum Khaatey Huey Gandagi Kare’n

Apna Pehla Qadam Yaad Krna

a Krna Aur
Apna Bachpan Yaad Krna.

Jab Hum Boorhey Ho kr Chal Na Paye’n Tou Humara Sahara Ban’na
Apna Pehla Qadam Yaad Krna…. !!

breakup sms

Most touching lines said by a true lover to his love while break-up:
“Of all the lies you told me, ‘I Love You’ was my favourite!”