Your kiss touched my soul

Your kiss touched my soul
and made me come alive.
Your touch caressed
my body while your words
stimulated my mind.
And your eyes spoke to my my heart.
And my soul danced in your smile..!!

So kiss me and smile

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you’ll wait for me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go
Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
Don’t know when I’ll be back again

Kiss Deni He To Do Warna Dimagh Na Khao

A Sweet Story

Once A Girl Asked A Boy:
Why We Have Units To Measure Weight, Height, Force, Speed, Distance Etc. But Nothing To Meaure Love, Trust, Friendship. Why?

Boy Thought For A While, Took Her In Arms, Looked In Her Deep Eyes And Said:
Dekho Meri Jan!

Kiss Deni He To Do Warna Dimagh Na Khao:-D


pepsi advertisement

Aftr watching the pepsi advertisement, a boy suddenly starts kissing his GF.

Gf: ye kia ker rahe ho?



Kissing is best practice

Kissing is best practice for lips. It keeps the lips

reddish pink

so always keep kissing


sweet childrens only plzzzzz…

jin k honton pe mere

jin k honton pe mere choomnay k nishaan abhi baaqi hain

aaj un ko mere milnay se haya aati hai…

HAPPY kissing DAY

HAPPY kissing DAY
Aj kising Dy hai,

Jo b is tim ap k 7 betha hua hy uski zor ki kis lo

ap p kiss karna LAZIM h.
USKI KHATIR jse ap bht pyar krte ho.

Did You Know That

Did You Know That !!

– A Passionate Kiss Uses Up 6.4 Calories Per Minute

– During A Kiss, As Many As 278 Colonies Of Bacteria Are Exchanged…

Mohabat Main Sab

“Mohabat Main Sab Maslon Ka Hal French Kiss Hai
Jo Larki French Kiss Na Kre Wo Bewafa Hai
French Kiss Boyfrnd Ka Haq Hai”
“Profesor Imran Hashmi…!”

tIlL 2 lIpS mEeT

LoVe iZ hEaT

wHiCh iZ vErY sWeEt

LoVe iZ iNcOmPlEtE

tIlL 2 lIpS mEeT.