the rock

Take the life as it comes
with some smooths n bumps
never give up your hopes
whether on ups or slopes.
give your best yes you can
Inside you there is a man
wake it up envigorate for a cause
move on dear for theres no pause
bring out the power you preserve
to reach the goal you deserve
thats meant for the real Heros
n not for the nulls n zeros
life the treasure God has given
for your custody n care to be taken
the day of tomorrow will be yours
with all courage if you dare be sure

My Attitude

My Attitude :-
A Girl proposed to me.
And I said:
“Sorry, I won`t accept your proposal,
But I appreciate your

U can impress anyone

U can impress anyone by ur
ager phr b koe impress na ho to kehna
im Zulqarnain’s friend

Janu dunia kadmo main gir jaye gi;-)


There Is No One Like Me

… Remember …

Never Say

“No One Likes Me”

Just Say

“There Is No One Like Me.”

Be The Change
Feel The Change. . . :)

I m so cute seedhi c bat hai

Lafz0 ki banavat mujhay nahi aati Ghalib,

I m so cute seedhi c bat hai =D

Attitude Personified

Most Humiliated Lines
Ever Said By Me

“Y o u r
I n t e l l i g e n c e !
I s
M y
C o m m o n – S e n s e …” =P =D

Attitude Personified *.*

We Would Have D Chance To

You Know Why GOD Didn’t Give Us

D Gift To Read Minds Of Others?

So Dat We Would Have D Chance To


& D Privilege To Be “TRUSTED”. :-)

Achi Baat Tou Sab

Achi Baat Tou Sab Ko Achi Lagti Hai..

Lekin Jub Tumhain Kisi Ki Buri Baat Bhi Buri Na Lage To Smjo..

Tmhain zZalil h0ne ki aadat ho gayi Hai :-D

Do you know Why Smart People

Do you know Why Smart People Always Say
They r Busy ?
Still think?
I Will Tell U Later
Right Now I’m busy…;-)

tXt bOsS~>

Which iS sweet


Which iS sweet?

D0n’t knw?

iDi0T !
Ye Ssab Sweet nhi Fruit he.

Sweet to Me H0u0n
\(‘,’) ) (\ <~ mAff x c00L _/ |_