get well

U Mean A lot 2 me n so does ur Health and Happiness I wish u Get Well Soon
I hope u r feelin betR, I miss u evryday I’m alwaz thinking of u,Get Well Soon!

GetWell Soon Cards

Life Is A Card Game

During d 1st Half Of Which
V Get
Brthday, Velntine’s Day, Bst Wshes, Frndshp n Weding Cards


During d 2nd Half
Get-Well Soon Cards
=P ;)

If Wishes Were Flowers

If Wishes Were Flowers

I?D Send You A Big Bunch To Say?.

?Get Well Soon?


May The Little Flower

May The Little Flower,
Laying In Gloom,
Rise And Bloom,
Swaying Endlessly,
This Way And That Way,

Morn To Dusk,

Everyday. Get Well Soon!

Heard You Were Feeling Out

Heard You Were Feeling Out Of A Quack . . .

Hope You Are Up & Splashing Soon.

You Are Feeling Down

You Are Feeling Down And So Am I

With You Not Around.

Hope You Get Back In The

Swing Of Things Real Soon.

I Very Well Know The Reason

I Very Well Know The Reason,
Why U R Taking Too Long To Recover,
U R Realy Being Nurse-D There.
Joke A Part, But Still,
Wishing U Speedy Recovery

May U May Not Get Well That

May U May Not Get Well That Soon.

So That U Are Able To Enjoy The
Company Of The Demsels And Get Injected At Regular Intervals With
The Vial Of Life!

So Would U Call Me Your Enemy Or Ur Well Wisher?

Please Tell Me Even I Don?t Know

Heard That Youre Not

Heard That You?re Not Feeling Well.

So Brought Flowers For You To

Make You Feel Healthier And Happier.

Get Well Soon!

Get Well Quick

Get Well Quick,
U Lazy Bum,

There?s Lots Of Work To Do.

If U Stay Sick, It?s More Work For Me,

And I?d Rather It Was For U