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saddest things in life

One of the saddest things in life is when two friends used to never stop talking and now they can’t even sit in silence together…

Jindgi Bhar Bikhare Huye

Jindgi Bhar Bikhare Huye Patton Ki Tarah The Hum.

Ay Dost…………………………….

Aaj Kisi Ne Sameta Bhi To Sirf Jalane Ke Liye.



Title : “Conversation”…

L : How are you?
Me : Same as you.

L : Why do you like me so much?
Me : Because you are my true companion.
You have given me inspiration and strength to move on.

L : Then why are you not happy with me?
Me : Hmmmm……
may be because somewhere I still don’t like your company.
Although I myself made a friendship with you.

L : Ohh, I have a suggestion. Make new friends…
Me : No, I don’t want to.
By the way I am really very comfortable with you.
You are a nice friend.

L : Okay, As you wish.

She vanished and I was busy in studies.
She is my new comrade, friend…… Loneliness.

Kisi ki Yaad Me itna udaas

Kisi ki Yaad Me itna udaas na howa kr,,,

D o s t

Log naseeb se milte hen udasion se nahi,,,
God mring frnds.

U Realize What Is Life

When U Get Attracted To Someone, U Realize What Is Love ??? But, When That Someone Starts Avoiding U, U Realize What Is Life :(

din raat

Chehrey Khiltey Huey Han
Dil Han Bujhey Huey…

Har Shakhs Mei Tazaad Hai
Din Raat Ki Tarhaan….

Time To Hurt People

Knowingly We Dont Have Time To Help People,

Unknowingly We Always Manage Time To Hurt People.

Think Again.

Its True.


Apnay miltay jultay hain

Sath sath chaltay hain

Sath sath chalnay main

Ranjishain to hoti hain

Ranjishon mai bhi lekin

Chahtain to hoti hain

Chahton main bhi her pal

Ik ajab kahani hai

Hont hanstay rehtay hain

Ankhain bheeg jati hain

Bheegti nigahon main

Khawab jaltay bujhtay hain

Dard k safar main kuch

Morr esay atay hain

Khawab toot jatay hain

Sath chhoot jatay hain

Kirchiyan uthanay main

Wakt beet jata hai


DARD jeet jata hai?..

Mohhabat dukh to deti hay

Mohhabat dukh to deti hay
Magar eik bat kehni hay
Jisko chaha jata hay
Zarori ye nahi hota k
Usko pa liya jaey

Kabhi us k bicharne se
Mohabbat kam nahi hoti

Zara si dair pahle to
Yehi ehsaas hota hay
Koi ji nahi sakta
Maggar phir rafta rafta hi
Haqiqat khul ti jati hay
Mohabbat wo nahi hoti
K jisko pa liya jaey
Mohabbat wo b hoti hay
Jo hamesha sath rahti hay
Kabhi dukh k andheron mE
Kabhi khushion k daman mE

Kabhi wo aas dati hay
Kabhi umeed dati hay..!!