Friendship Sms/ Text Messages

Friendship day is celebrated on the first sunday of August every year. You may wish to celebrate & send out tons of friendship sms / friendship text messages to your best friends as well as old forgotton friends.

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crush it,
twist it,
squeez it,
beat it to pulp;
all that u’ll get only

Life is not about quantity

Life Is Not About
The Quantity Of Friends You Have.

It Is The Quality Of
The Friends You Have!


who are real friends

Real friends are not those
who are always around when everything’s almost perfect.
They’re the one’s who dig deep when you’re down
just to pull you up and say,
“Everything’s gonna be alright..”

Special ‘FRIEND’ accept kiya

Apki lovely lovely ‘FILLING’ ne, Mere charming charming ‘HEART’ ko itna ‘EFECT’ kiya, Menie sabko ‘REJECT’ karke apko apna Special ‘FRIEND’ accept kiya

friendship gets broken

f love gets broken, you can look for a new one. If a glass gets broken, you can always buy a new one. But if friendship gets broken, you can never have the same one.

Friends kya hote hein

‘Friends kya hote hein’

So many spoons in 1 plate biryani
so many fight for thori si pepsi
So many hands, in 1 chips pack
So many friends, on 1 bench:)
So much laughter, on 1 stupid joke
So many phone calls, on birthday night
So many hugs, for 1 little worry
So many tears, for 1 little fight
‘Friends’, are the best part of our small life.:
So Don’t lose and forget them at any cost.. :) :)
Love u all my swt frndz:

Chai and paratha sms

Alcohol might get you friends for the night, but Chai/Tea and Paratha/Biscuit will get you friends for life…

what is friendship

Friendship is
Rubbing your hands on your
Friend’s shirt
after eating something oily
and saying –
“bhai shirt toh badi achi hai,
kahan se laaya?”

my best friends knows me best

Strangers think I’m quiet..My friends think I’m outgoing..My best friends know that I’m completely insane…

Friendship is based on trust

Friendship is based on trust. If we have a friend whom we don’t trust, they’re not a “friend” they’re just someone we like to be with…