how to propose a girl on facebook

A boy commented on his Facebook status – Happy New Year.
The girl wrote in comments – Same to you.
The boy edited the comment to – I love you!

i check my phone every minute

I don’t know why I bother locking my phone, cos I end up checking it again not even a minute later.

fact about facebook

Fact: if there are two girls in someone’s profile picture, the profile belongs to the uglier one.


Fighting Styles on facebook

Fighting Styles :
Meet me at the ground and i’ll show u !!
Dare to come at my place..
Then u’ll know who i am !!
Phone pe sher mat ban
Saamne aa to dekhta hoon !!
Tu facebook pe mil saale…!
Teri wall pe aise commentmaarunga
K account hi delete kar dega…

good morning sms for facebook status

Gud morning..
It is a Wake up call from yours-
So Get up and collect all your good wishes by todays Positiveness..
Have a Nice day..


Friends are the people

Friends are the people who like and comment on your posts without asking

I’m only liking your status

I’m only liking your status to let you know that I read it so you won’t try to tell me about it later…

Marriage pics did not get enough Likes on FB

A Divorce case is filed in Court..Reason given by the Girl:
Marriage pics did not get enough Likes on FB…

Facebook Status Updates.

If people could see the face I make when I read their Facebook Status Updates..they would probably Unfriend Me…

Facebook status for new year 2014

New Year begins, let us pray,
that it will be a year with new Peace,
New Happiness, and abundance of new friends,
God bless you through out the new Year.