Superb Love Quote

Superb Love Quote
By A Broken Lover

“I hurt me more than
I deserve …
…Is it just because
I loved U more than
What U deserve . . ?”

Wen A Very Sweet

Wen A Very Sweet N Close Person
Goes Too Far Frm Us,

We May Say Or Not Say
But Our Heart Says 2 Thr Heart:

“U Made Me Alone..”

Nice Line Said By A Broken

A Nice Line Said By A Broken

“Plz Dont Come One More Time Infront Of Me,

Trust U Again”


Sometimes I feel

Sad lines by Broken heart:

“Sometimes I feel
that waiting
4 u in my life,
is like waiting
for bus
at a railway station.”

Loving hundered wrong

Loving hundered wrong persons may not even effect your life,

hating one right person will leave you broken throughout your life.

Lovely thought frm

Lovely thought frm a broken heart:-

I need a candle 2 search dreams
which were inside me,

But i need darkness 2 melt her memories..

When u wait 4 sum1

When u wait 4 sum1 4 few mins its ur NEED
4 few hrs its ur TRUST
4 few weeks
But 2 wait Wen u knw person wil not come,its ur LOVE

Think twice before leaving

“Think twice before leaving a space in someones heart, because its difficult to realize the pain when you see someone else filling your space”

Once in a lifetime someone

Once in a lifetime someone breaks your heart,
and if you still feel to hold that person with every broken piece,
that amazing pain is called “TRUE LOVE!” =)

Chalo hum maan letey hain


Chalo hum maan letey hain

Ye dunya jhoot kehti hy

Tumhain hum se nahi ulfat..

Chalo hUm maan leteY hain..

Tumhari beqarari ki

wajah kuch or hi ho gi

Nigahen mujh se miltey he

Tumhare muskurane ka

Sabab kuch or he ho ga

jisay kam feham logon ne

Mohabbat naam de dala!

Magar itna bata do tum

Bichhartey waqt jan e jaan.!

Palat ker dekh k hum ko

Tumhari jheel si aankhen

Chhalakti ja rahi thin

Humain tarpa rahi thin q?