Dil ki awaaz ko izhaar kehte hai

Dil ki awaaz ko izhaar kehte hai,
Jhuki nigaah ko ikaraar kehte hai,
Sirf paane ka naam ishq nahin hota,
Kuch khone ko bhi pyaar kehte hai..

answer By Broken Heart

An Optimistic answer By Broken Heart
YOU broke my heart into many pieces.Thanx now I can give them to many girls. :P

we cant kiss our elbow

The fact that we can’t kiss our elbow is enough to make us realize that something in life may seem to be very close to us but is still beyond our reach…! :-|


They know where to hit exactly

Don’t bring people close to ur heart,
Becoz the problem with the close people is that,
They know where to hit exactly..!!

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Have The Right To Break It

Words From Broken Heart:

” I Said My Heart Is Urs..
I Didnt Say..



That U Have The Right To Break It..!!

Think Twice While Hurting

Hurting Someone
Who Really Cares For
Is As Easy As Throwing
Stone In The SEA …

BUT ..

Do You Know How Deep
That Stone Goes ? ? ? =/


“Think Twice While Hurting
Your Closed One . . .”

Teri tamanna ka hath

Meri mohabbat..
Teri tamanna ka hath thamy rawish rawish par latafto’n ko salaam karti guzr rahi thi k..

“Khawab Toot Gaya”

Being In Love With

Boy: What’s The Worst Feeling In The World?

Girl: Being In Love With Someone Who Feels The Same Way;

Just Not About You.

My Love Gave Me

What U Got From Ur Love??

My Love Gave Me

Sadness ;(
…Hurting Loneliness ;(
Pain Pan N
Pain ;( ;

Separation Is A Wound

Is A Wound
No One Can “Heal”
Is A Gift
No One Can “Steal”

Keep Your Memories Intact