On This Chill Chill Night

On This Chill Chill Night,
In Your Dark Dark Room,
From Your Small Small Window,
Look At The Bright Bright Stars
Wishing You A Chweet Chweet Dreams

As The Day Turn Into Night

As The Day Turn Into Night,
Keep Your Worries Out Of Sight.
Close Your Eyes And Go To Sleep,
All The Good Times Are Yours To Keep.
Sweetest Dreams
GooD NighT

Nobody Teaches Sun To Rise

Nobody Teaches Sun To Rise,Fish To Swim,Birds To Fly,Plant To Grow,Child To Cry,& Nobody Teaches A Heart To Choose A Friend Like U….Good Night…


Why I Have Sleepless Nights

You Are The Reason Why I Have Sleepless Nights,
You Are The Reason Why I Tend To Hold My Pillow Tight.
You Are The Reason I Cant Sleep Without Saying Good Night….

Sweet Dreams And Sleep Tight

Lying On My Bed, Looking At The Clock, I No That Its Time To Zzz.
I Wonder How Have You Been Today… Hope Tat Every Thing Is Fine..
Wish You Sweet Dreams And Sleep Tight!

No Matter The Sky Is Black Or Blue

No Matter The Sky Is Black Or Blue,
No Matter There”S Stars Or Moon,
As Long As Your Heart Is True,
Sweet Dreams Will Always Be With You.
Good Night.

Now I Bid U A Lovely Goodnight

Once The Moon Winks At U Tonight,
I Wish Sweet Dreams Embrace You Tight.
Hope Your Day Was Quite All Right
& Now I Bid U A Lovely Goodnight

If You Are Awake

If You Are Awake, Goodnight My Sweet Darling And If You Just
Woke Up, Good Morning Honey. Love You So Much.

Tum So Jao

Duniya WalooooooOoOoooooooooo …
Kuch Nahi, Tum So Jao.
Meri Tou Umer Ha Sharartain Karnay Ki…
Good Night …

The lettuce was a “head

Q:Did you hear about the race between the lettuce and the tomato?

A: The lettuce was a “head” and the tomato was trying to “ketchup”!