Wake Up in the morning sms

Every Morning
The Sun Says, Wake up like me,
The sky says, Aim high like me,
The Wind says, Freshen Everybody like me,
And I say good Morning!

Time is Slow when u r Wi8

Time is Slow when u r Wi8
Time is Fast when u r getting Late,
Time is Long when u r Sad,
Time is Short when u r Happy
Time is Endless when u r in Pain
Time can only b determined
By ur feelings not by clocks

Gud Morning.

Control the length of you life

You Can’t Control the length of you life…
But you can control the width & depth.
Good Morning!


Allah blesses you & your day

A new morning has come & Allah blesses you & your day with love, prosperity.

Wishing you a shiny day ahead….

Gud Morning g

Pray for others

When You Pray 4 Others
God Listens To You And Blesses Them,

Sometimes When You are Safe and Happy
Remember That Someone Prayed 4 u 2…
Gud Morning

How to spend life

Life is a Game that u Have to Play with a number of other Players
If you’ll not play with them, they’ll play with u

Gud Morning

ALLAH blessing in morning time

Morning is a good time to remind all the people & happenings around.

ALLAH blesses with you a new day so, wake up with Sweet memories & have a fantastic day aheadJ

Gud Morning

fresh good morning sms for friends

Welcome 2 the fresh MORNING….
With a SMILE on ur face…..
Love in ur HEART…..
Good thoughts in ur MIND….
U have a wonderful day….

good morning encouragement sms

You can’t Wi8 for life to hand u things.

Any Thing worth having is worth fighting for.

Gud Morning Dear….

good morning sms in modern style

Electronic Morning! Disconnect ur sleep. Switch on ur concentration signal,
amplify urself. In Short I wish u a “High Voltage Day…” Good Morning G