good morning sms for facebook status

Gud morning..
It is a Wake up call from yours-
So Get up and collect all your good wishes by todays Positiveness..
Have a Nice day..


aag lagey is calendar ko

!!! Kia january,,, kia February,,,
Hum kia karein November ko,,, December ko,,,

!!! Jab tmhari bhabhi sath hi nai hamary,,,aag lagey is calendar ko,,

Husband wife watching an a Cricket match

Husband wife watching an a Cricket match
After 5 minutes:”
Wife:” Is this Bret Lee ??
Husband:” No, this is Chris Gayle,
Bret Lee is a bowler.. Wife:” Okay, oh look, another
Husband:” No, this is just a replay
of the last one..
Wife:” Hmm, looks like India is going to win this
one.. Husband:” It’s Austraila V/s west Indies
Wife:” How many runs they need
to win now ??
Husband:” 72 runs in 36 balls..
Wife:” Ehnn! That’s easy, just 2 runs in 1 ball..
Husband:” *Turns off the TV* Wife:” Turns it on again and starts watching
“Daily serial”
Husband:” Who is she ??
. .
. Wife:” dont disturb me…!


a person driving slow in the fast lane

I’m not judgmental, so when I see a person driving slow in the
fast lane, I never assume what gender she is…

Viber’ use karti ho

Me: ‘Viber’ use karti ho ?

She: Nahin ‘Jhaaru’ use karti hon..Paani zyada ho to Viper bhi…

Me: Delete Viber ‘Burns Mobile.’

Friends are the people

Friends are the people who like and comment on your posts without asking

Because batman returns

Dear girls…

If you love him, let him go. If he returns, he’s Batman.
Because batman returns…

Winter sms morning sms

Relationship status: In a closed relationship with my blanket…

I hate when I’m ignoring someone

I hate when I’m ignoring someone but they don’t text me or anything so they don’t even know that I’m ignoring them…

calling a crush on phone

Our kids will never know the terror of calling a crush and having a parent answer the phone…