Happy Ending Year Sms

All The Way Through The Coming December
Let Your Life Be Packed With Entire Celebration Of Cheerfulness
Wish You A Vivid, Joyful And Wealthy
Happy December With The Blessings Of God!
Happy Ending of December 2-0-1-3

Happy new year with amazing information

Any month’s 13th day will fall on a Friday if the month starts on a Sunday.

If Microsoft Buy Facebook

If Microsoft Buy Facebook

First Notification We’ll Get is . .
“You Have To Install Drivers To Add Friends”


2014 good night sms

The night sky is lovely and
the moon light is beautiful.
Just like the times when you
smile and brighten up my life.
I love you so much.
Wish u First Good Night 2014
Have a sweet Dreams

Every year is a new Series

Simply learn that life is a Book.

Everyday is a new Page…
Every month is a new Chapter…
Every year is a new Series…

Marriage pics did not get enough Likes on FB

A Divorce case is filed in Court..Reason given by the Girl:
Marriage pics did not get enough Likes on FB…

Photo editing app to get beautiful picture

Everyone is beautiful in their own way..Sometimes it just takes the right type of photo editing app to see it…

A DSLR Camera

A Person With Good Grades Isn’t Necessarily Be Smart, Just Like A
Person With A DSLR Camera Isn’t Necessarily Be A Good Photographer…

New year sms for mom and dad

Mom and Dad.
Thank you for bringing me in your life
and always neglecting my mistakes and still
supporting me in whatever I do. Love you always.
Happy New Year My Lovely Parent’s.

new year sms for boy friend

There`s no special reason for this msg,
I just wanna steal a single moment out
of ur busy life & hope I can make u smile n say:
I Miss U.