Chup ho kis waja se humy maloom ni lkn

Chup ho kis waja se humy maloom ni lkn!

Dil doub sa jata ha jb Tum bakwas nhe krty:p
/ / dost alfaz
/ /pe mat ja
, ehmiat check kar apni ehmiat:-)

good morning sms for breakfast

Aslam O Alikum
Life has many ways to make u weak But remember 3 things that will always keep u strong

& Dinner
Think hat kay & Eat dat k:)

Zuban Ko Na PhisaLnaY Do

Aj Ki Baat:

“KamYab ZinDaGi Guzarna ChahtaY Ho To Humesha YaaD RaKho,
Paon Beshak Phisal JaYe Lekin Zuban Ko Na PhisaLnaY Do”!


Tw0 Meters 0f Cl0th

UniversaL Truth”

“”Tw0 Meters 0f Cl0th,,
Tw0 Meters 0f Earth,,
Is Total Achievemet of 0ur Life…..!

what is wife in different people life

What is
wife……………….. ?
Fauji :
Sare Dushman Hum Se Darte Hai
Hum Bivi Se.
Mochi :
Main Juton Ki Marammat Krta
Aur Bivi Meri .
Teacher : Mai School Mein
Lecture Deta Hoon
Aur Ghar Mein B.v Se
Sunta Hn .
. Officer :
Mai Office Mein Boss
Hoon Aur Ghr
Mein Nokar .
. Judge :
Main Court May Faisle
Sunata Hoon
Aur Ghar Mein Khud
Insaaf Ki
Bheekh Mangta hu..

what smile can do for your body

“Smile” : It helps boost the immune system.The body relaxes and is better able to fight off the flu and colds

pretending not to miss someone actually

Research suggests that pretending not to miss someone actually tricks our mind into focusing on them and missing them more.

like a piece of chewing gum

Some people treat others like a piece of chewing gum. They use their sweetness for their enjoyment & later throw them away once they’re done.

Love is what makes you smile

“Love is what makes you smile when you’re tired.” -Paulo Coelho

When someone loves you

“When someone loves you, the way
they say your name is different. You
know that your name is safe in their