Koi Rasta Nahi Dua Ke siva

Koi Rasta Nahi Dua Ke siva..
Koi Sunta Nahi Khuda Ke siva..
Mainee bhi Zindgi ko Karib se
Dekha He Dost?
Muskil Me Koi Sath Nahi Deta
Ansu Ke Siva?..!


Watevr we do,
we must remember our Aim every moment!
If U dream to fly with Eagles,
Don’t waste ur Time in Swimming with Ducks!!


You are that every small reason that makes me smile,
And when you smile at me, that very feeling is so divine.
Every night your pretty face comes in front of my eyes,
To spend even a moment with you, I could walk for miles.
Happy Birthday my princess.


Only trust ALLAH Almighty

Every Person in Needy time use you for their own purpose, But When U ask those in your needy time, only u get Excuses and Disappointments,so, only trust & ask ALLAH who gives u all whether U ask or Not !!!

the rock

Take the life as it comes
with some smooths n bumps
never give up your hopes
whether on ups or slopes.
give your best yes you can
Inside you there is a man
wake it up envigorate for a cause
move on dear for theres no pause
bring out the power you preserve
to reach the goal you deserve
thats meant for the real Heros
n not for the nulls n zeros
life the treasure God has given
for your custody n care to be taken
the day of tomorrow will be yours
with all courage if you dare be sure

Neend bahut ati he padte padte

Neend bahut ati he padte padte
Maa tu hoti to keh dete ki ek cup chai bana de

Thak gaye hain mess ki roti kha kha k
Maa tu hoti toh keh dete parate bana de

Wohi koshish roj khush rehne ki
Maa tu hoti to muskura lete

Bahut dur nikal aaye hai ghar se
Maa tere sapno ki parwah na hoti toh kab ka ghar chale jate

Aaye hai ghar se door
sirf yehi sochkar ki ma ko rakhna hai khush zarur

dedicatd 2 all my frnz who study away from home missing their sweet mom dad

Real Relationship

Real Relationship doesn’t mean NO
We fight….but after that, we forgive
each other…
and start loving each other more than

Pyar or dosti

Ek din pyar dosti se mila or usne dosti se puchha mere hote huye tumhara kya kam….
Dosti muskuryi or pyar se boli
”me un hontho par muskan lati hu, jinhe tum rota chhod jate ho.”

Id rather have an enemy

I’d rather have an enemy who says that they hate me, than to have a friend’ whose mission is to put me down secretly

My Attitude

My Attitude :-
A Girl proposed to me.
And I said:
“Sorry, I won`t accept your proposal,
But I appreciate your