Mom Of da Milenium

Mom Of da Milenium:

A Girl Tells her Mom:

“I Want Some Fresh Air,Can i Go 4 a Walk ?”

Mom: “Alright,But Ask Ur Fresh Air To Leave U Home By 9 PM” ! :D

My Son is my Son

De golden words said by a scholar:

My Son is my Son till he gets a wife,

My Daughter is my Daughter all her life! =)

A tribute to all Daughters! :)

I luv work

I luv work.
If i do work it gets finished.

How can i finish sumthng i luv?

So I keep work pending..
Njoy laziness ;)


Boss this is my leave application

Sick Employee: “Boss this is my leave application with doctor’s statement.”
Boss: “We will no longer accept a doctor’s statement as proof of sickness…If you are able to go to the doctor, you can come to work.”

barish ki tarah TUJH

?arish ki tarah TUJH pe ?arasti rahen KhUshiyan,

Har ?oond TERE Dil se har ek Gham ko mita de….!! “Aameen”

Maine maa k hathon

Maine maa k hathon mai ek siyah til daikha
Or maa se kaha

Ye Daulat ka til hy

maa ne apne dono haathon mai mera chehra thama or kaha


Dekho mere dono haathon mai kitni daulat hy

LOVE Ur “MOTHER” And Take Care of PARENTs

NAMAZiss taraah parho jesey ALLAH ka deedaar

iss taraah parho jesey ALLAH ka deedaar kar rahey ho…
Esey maango jesey ALLAH sey bheek maang rahey ho…
Esey rakho jesey aik,aik pesey mein paseeney ki boo aa rahi ho…
Esey rakho jesey zindagi kay GUNAH aik hi rozey mein khatam ho rahey hon…
ko esa banaao jesey dil mein hi RAB ko pa rahey ho.

Kehty hain K

Kehty hain K
Tajjub hai us Shakhs pr
Jo Kisi Hakeem ya Doctr k kehny pr
chor deta hai,
ALLAH k kehny pr
Haram nahi chorta…!?!

Lafzon k Daant

Lafzo’n k Daant Nahi Hoty, Par Kat’ty Hyn

Aur Kaat Lei’n Tou Phir Un k Zakhm Nahi Bharty

You delivered an excellent speech

Wife: You delivered an excellent speech.
Hubby: Thanks dear but the audience was full of fools and idiots.
Wife: Is that why you addressed them as your brothers and sisters?